Monday, September 10, 2012

Vehicle Registration - Liberian Style

This is the stack of papers we ended up with to get our truck registered. It was an interesting experience to get our truck registered at the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Finance.
This is the vehicle registration certificate from the Ministry of Transport. Can you find the four hand stamps on this page - obtained in four different offices? Can you identify the five different signatures on this page - obtained from five different people in five different offices?
This layout shows all the paperwork required to get everything done. There is last year's registration papers which required two dated signatures to begin the process for this year's registration, the Billing Form which required two signatures, the Flag Receipt from the Ministry of Finance verifying payment which required two hand stamps and four signatures, copies of the Billing Form and Flag Receipt, the Vehicle Registration Certificate from the Ministry of Transport and the Vehicle Revenue Certificate to put on the windshield... Whew! Thirteen signatures, four hand stamps, three certificates, two forms, one receipt and we were done... Nothing to it... piece-a'-cake!

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