Sunday, June 26, 2011

Eating SPICY Potato Greens & Rice - The members have a "farewell party" on a weekday afternoon for a departing missionary. At the farewell party for Sampson Gaye, they fixed spicy potato greens and rice for everyone.

The Kirkhams and the Kimballs eating SPICY potato greens and rice.

Caution: when eating potato greens, you probably want to mix the potato greens with a LOT of rice because the greens are spicy HOT!!

One of the young sisters washing dishes while others dish up more potato greens and rice.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Experience with Young Women who were singing Hymn after Hymn by memory, all verses, on their own, Tuesday afternoon at Gardnersville Branch.

Trying to explain to a 16 year old young woman about ancient Babylon which she had been singing about in her favorite hymn, "Israel, Israel, God is Calling".

Getting Furniture Made & Delivered for the Missionaries

This load had 12 chairs, six desks, six beds and one stool.  We had three loads of furniture this size which we delivered to the missionaries.

Baptisms of four boys from Kakata Branch at the Du River

Boys on left interrupted their washing in the river to allow the baptism.  Also shown are a member family from Seattle,  the Goldens, a physician and his nurse/wife and their 4 children who came to Liberia on their own to teach neo-natal care and do volunteer work at the hospital for two months.  He also brought two suitcases full of medical supplies to leave at the hospital.

Getting the boys all ready for the baptism.  They brought the baptismal clothes with them, go behind some bushes to change and then are ready. 

 Three of the boys were baptized by their father, also a recent convert.

Kennedy Tarnue wanted to see the picture I showed during my talk on baptism at his baptismal service at Kakata using our iPAD. He was quickly joined by others who wanted to see more.

Lucia Tweh - Returned Misisonary/trainer; First Sister Missionaries in Liberia: Sister Jibba, Sister Kirkham, Sister Moseray, Sister Kimball, June 21, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Markers for manhole cover. Many manhole covers are missing throughout Monrovia. Sometimes they'll put large rocks around the hole to warn drivers. Here they used tree branches!

Shopping at Duala Market for locally grown stuff. We can buy almost anything packaged that's in America in the "supermarkets" here.

Red Light Market - We try to avoid going through this area because it is always so incredibly congested, jammed with people, taxis, etc, filling the street. It can take 30 to 90 minutes to go a few blocks.

Bulletin Board at Gardnersville Branch

Balancing Act. These are common sites everywhere - in the middle of town or out in small villages.

Sister Smith and Sister Kirkham doing "homework" which is what they call picking out little sticker weeds that cling to skirts and pants. Sister Smith and her husband are locals who are serving a service mission, 30 hrs/week, working with the Young Adults in both Districts.

Gardnersville Branch Chapel, open air building. We went here for a Young Adult Outreach meeting.

This is our bed in our first apartment to show the mosquito net we use every night. It just becomes very routine.

l to r, Pres. & Sister Roggia, Elder & Sister Kimball, Elder & Sister Kirkham day of Arrival, May 31, 2011

8 duffle bags we brought