Monday, April 28, 2014

Sister Muzambi's new do!

This might seem extreme for a missionary hair-do.  It's called plaiting, and is very common among the African women. If it's not plaited, they wear wigs.  This wouldn't even raise an eyebrow here in Liberia.  She said it took about 30 minutes to do her hair!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Some Views around our Compound

Judy, standing in front of the Cotton Tree trunk.  They are
gorgeous trees, and this picture shows how huge they grow.

Mossy Rocks.  They are beautiful.

One of the 4 deer that freely roam the compound.

An unused generator house

View of the Mission Home from our long driveway.  It's smokey
because of a fire burning in the neighborhood.

This fire forced us inside.  We couldn't breath the smoke.  They are burning "dirt", or trash as we call it.  This one went on for hours!

Bird Nest Trees

This is a Bird Nest Tree.  I'm sure the tree has another name,
but it called that because of the bird nest built in it. We see
them all over in the villages.

Close up of the Bird Nest Tree.  The interesting thing about these nests is that the opening is on the down side.  I haven't seen a baby bird fall out yet!

Muscle Power

No Fancy gyms for these Liberians.  They are amazingly strong.

Back to the Ducor Hotel

 Way back when I had a computer, I posted a view from our
   compound of the Ducor Hotel, and then I dropped the ball.
         I was totally taken in  by this place, so I'm starting again with
 the front view.  

I just loved this old rotting chair that was left

     It's kind of eerie.  The windows, of course are gone, but 
on the view from the 3 foot wide walk way is spectacular.

About 4 flights of stairs from this view with no hand railing.  

A room with a spectacular view 
Great view of the coast line.

Judy & Roger standing in front of the entrance