Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gormet meals by Sister Kirkham, dishwashing by Elder Kirkham

Sister Kirkham fixes gormet vegetarian meals. Here are some samples.  Upper left, green lentil soup.  Upper right, vegetable linguini with shrimp. Bottom, typical breakfast of Kellog's Fruit & Fiber cereal with homemade granola by Sister Kirkham and plain yogurt.  Plus our bottle of doxycycline pills. We take one every day to prevent malaria.

 Elder Kirkham is a good dishwasher, but a fantastic dish stacker.  Notice the duct tape on my apron.  It started to wear holes in it, so apply a little duct tape, and no problems!
More gormet meals.  Upper left, sliced cabbage, onions, kidney beans, tomatoes and mushrooms.  Lower left, 13 bean soup with brown rice, tomatoes and mushrooms.  Right, red lentil soup and two salads - cabbage, tomatoe and cucumber salad and a fruit salad.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Training & Mentoring

 Sister Kirkham training the Brewerville Relief Society presidency after Church on Sunday (and one of the daughters).  Sister Kirkham used two of the Church's 8 minute leadership videos on visiting teaching.

Elder Kirkham training the Brewervill branch presidency and Young Men president using the Church's leadership training videos on the Aaronic Priesthood.

Elder Kirkham helping Elder Krumm with Google Earth.  We use Google Earth to locate every family on a Google Earth map, to draw area boundaries for the missionaries and when splitting branches.
Sister Kirkham training the Brewerville Primary presidency, Sunday, after Church meetings.  Notice the computer for videos.

Random Shots for September

 Rainy season.  We weren't sure if the door was meant to be an umbrella or if he just had to take the door the torrential downpour.  Notice the road washing away on the left.

 We thought this was an appropriate sign for a huge manhole (has never had a manhole cover) in the main road leading to the main bridge in Monrovia. 

Another marker for a manhole with no cover - tree stump with plastic sheet wrapped around it.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Vehicle Registration - Liberian Style

This is the stack of papers we ended up with to get our truck registered. It was an interesting experience to get our truck registered at the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Finance.
This is the vehicle registration certificate from the Ministry of Transport. Can you find the four hand stamps on this page - obtained in four different offices? Can you identify the five different signatures on this page - obtained from five different people in five different offices?
This layout shows all the paperwork required to get everything done. There is last year's registration papers which required two dated signatures to begin the process for this year's registration, the Billing Form which required two signatures, the Flag Receipt from the Ministry of Finance verifying payment which required two hand stamps and four signatures, copies of the Billing Form and Flag Receipt, the Vehicle Registration Certificate from the Ministry of Transport and the Vehicle Revenue Certificate to put on the windshield... Whew! Thirteen signatures, four hand stamps, three certificates, two forms, one receipt and we were done... Nothing to it... piece-a'-cake!

Beautiful Morning Beach Walk

Sunday, September 9, 2012

We received wonderful instruction from Elder Sitati, 1st counselor, West Africa Area Presidency

On Saturday, we had the privilege to participate in a missionary zone conference and leadership training for the members where we were instructed by Elder and Sister Sitati. They both provided powerful insight into gospel principles and practical application to help investigators and members achieve real growth toward ordinances and covenants leading to eternal happiness.
We also received instruction from Elder Mensah, Area Seventy.

Liberian Sunset at Palm Springs Hotel

This was the scene when we took Elder and Sister Sitati and Elder Mensah to their hotel.

Subsistence Day Pictures

We took pictures the day we brought subsistence to the missionaries in Bushrod Island district. Elda Kirkham with Elders Essego & Sekirime in Caldwell district.
Brewerville District: back row, l to r, Elders Molahatsa, Buckman, Akwah, Finau, Kirkham; Front row: Elders Addo, Nyaku, Osifo, Willis
Logan Town District, Sista Kirkham, Elders Kauao, Harris, Humpherys, Myaka, Pentreath, Dlamini