Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gormet meals by Sister Kirkham, dishwashing by Elder Kirkham

Sister Kirkham fixes gormet vegetarian meals. Here are some samples.  Upper left, green lentil soup.  Upper right, vegetable linguini with shrimp. Bottom, typical breakfast of Kellog's Fruit & Fiber cereal with homemade granola by Sister Kirkham and plain yogurt.  Plus our bottle of doxycycline pills. We take one every day to prevent malaria.

 Elder Kirkham is a good dishwasher, but a fantastic dish stacker.  Notice the duct tape on my apron.  It started to wear holes in it, so apply a little duct tape, and no problems!
More gormet meals.  Upper left, sliced cabbage, onions, kidney beans, tomatoes and mushrooms.  Lower left, 13 bean soup with brown rice, tomatoes and mushrooms.  Right, red lentil soup and two salads - cabbage, tomatoe and cucumber salad and a fruit salad.


  1. Can I share these photos on my website ( I will give full credit, of course!

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