Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meeting with Elder Curtis & Senator Findley

Elder Curtis met with Senator Gbehzohner Milton Findley, the new President Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate. Senator Findley expressed appreciation for the Church's humanitarian efforts in Liberia. He also encouraged us in teaching morality to the youth in Liberia. Left to right, Joe Bryant, Elder Kirkham, Senator Findley, Elder Curtis, President Kpah (new district president) and Exodus Saye.

Sister Kirkham played the piano/organ for the special Monrovia district conference.

This picture shows the electric piano/organ that Judy played for the district conference, January 22, where the Monrovia district presidency was changed. Elder Curtis presided.

Elder LeGrand R. Curtis & Sister Curtis were here for member and missionary conferences.

Elder Curtis is second counselor in West Africa Area Presidency. He is also the former stake president of our daughter-in-law, 'T'. Sister Curtis and Judy grew up in the same ward. Small world.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sister Kirkham washing our truck - because, daily, it gets very dirty in the dry, DUSTY season

Judy wanted to do a thorough job -- which included cleaning the roof. It was a little tricky getting to the roof. Elder Kirkham was water boy fetching water in buckets from the back of the apartment.

Dry Season means LOTS of dust & dirt

These pictures are taken a near the missionaries apartment in Caldwell. Notice the banana trees on the left with long branches the exact same color as the road -- because they are covered with dust from the dirt road. You can also see the dust on the leaves of the trees further down the road.
More dust on the leaves. The problem with high humidity and LOTS of dust is that each morning our truck looks like it's been bathed in dust.

Wash day at elders apartment

Elders Swongwa, Nickle and Boakye are washing their mosequito net, shirts, and floor at their apartment at Logan Town.
Elder Nickle decided to try out Elder Swongwa's suds - he had so many.

Seeds from half grapefruit (not genetically altered)

We love grapefruit. We buy grapefruit from local street vendors, who get it off their trees. We get at least this many seeds in each half grapefruit.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Generators are a never ending source of excitement.

Elder Kirkham is working with the zone leaders, Elder Guzha and Elder Lambson to get their new (a.k.a. old/recycled/let's-try-this-one-and-see-if-it-works-any-better...) generator hooked up.
This is actually the oldest generator in service now here in Liberia. I'm referring to the machine, not Elder Guzha. Elder Guzha and Elder Lambson constantly generate enthusiasm, leadership, good will, energy and power for the Lord's work.