Sunday, July 27, 2014

Farewell Dinner for the Hezseltines at The Flowers Restaurant

L-R Elder & Sister Dever, Sister & Elder Berrett, President & Sister Kirkham, Sister & Elder Hezseltine, Elder & Sister Miles.

Kirkhams and Hezseltines at their Farewell Dinner.  Sisters have the same dress different fabric!

Group shopping trip to Waterside in the rain "Just For Fun".

Shopping with the Sisters at Waterside in the rain.  It was still loads of fun.  L-R  Sisters Berrett, Miles, Kirkham, Dever, Hezseltine.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Busy day at Duala Market

Hosting Tracy & Lillian Martino, and Elder Vinson from our Area Presidency

L-R: Tracy Martino, Lillian Martino, Elder Vinson, President Kirkham

Guess who showed up to the Summitt?

When I asked to take his picture, he had
no idea who Karl Malone was!  It was just 
a shirt.

Lillian was the keynote speaker

Recent high school graduate, eighteen year old Lillian Martino,  inspired the young single adults by sharing her story or being adopted from a Ghanaian orphanage at age 3, by the Martino family,  and raised in Heber, Utah.  She has started a foundation that 'rescues' girls from slavery, and abuse, primarily in Ghana.  (blog: or facebook: Fahodie for friends or web site: Fahodie for  She has raised money and awareness for her cause, and is quite an impressive young lady for all her accomplishments,

YSA (Young Single Adult) 2-day Summitt

Lillian Martino, R, with her Mother Tracy, center.

A Little toe surgery

President had a little toe surgery performed by Dr. Ed Carnes at ELWA Hospital.  His feet are happy now!

Monday, July 14, 2014



Impressive Balancing Act!

Look carefully.  This woman is carring 4 gallon-sized glass jars full of p-nuts on her head.

Outside Duala Chapel after Seminary Graduation

President Kirkham, center, with Seminary and Institute Instructors.


I've planted a beautiful garden twice, and twice it's been eaten by who-knows-what.  I finally rescued two strong healthy tomato plants and put them in pots.  One morning I left the house at 11, both tomato plants were well and strong.  I returned 2 hours later, and the plant in the background was bent over like I have poisoned it.  I didn't throw it out, and now two tomatoes (Look at the top of the photo, towards the right) are growing on it eventhough the leaves look like the props in a haunted mansion!  Unbelievable!


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Purple skies over Sierra Leone

Waiting for the sea coach (water taxi) outside Lungi Airport in Sierra Leone at dusk!

Friday, May 16, 2014

A picture in contrasts

While attending Primary in Duala, this little Primary Girl came
 and sat down next to me and placed her hand in mine throughout
the whole meeting.  I took this selfie with my iPhone.

Singing Primary Songs after Church in Caldwell New Georgia

While he was waiting for his Father to finish in a meeting,
This young boy was quietly sitting by himself behind me
in the chapel singing Primary songs.  He could read the words,
 but he didn't know the tunes to some of the songs. 
So I started singing with him, and it got some of the
other childrens attention.
Pretty soon we had a crowd.  Children love
Primary songs!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Flowering Veranda

This is our veranda outside our front door.  I have potted all these plants in the past months since we came.  Zoelu, our groundskeeper encourages me by bringing me more starts.  I love it!

Mission Home Garden

Zoelu made this garden canopy from palm leaves he took from the trees in our yard so the hot sun won't fry our tender plants.  Squash on the left and tomatoes on the right.  Picture taken from our veranda.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Tennis, anyone?

Driving down the road we came upon this biker wearing a Utah State Tennis Jacket.  I wonder if he has any idea where Utah State is.

Night Skys

Sunset View from the Mission Office

Sisters of the Caldwell New Georgia Branch

We were taking a picture of some of the sisters in the Caldwell New Georgia branch and this young man (next to me) wouldn't leave because he said he was also in the Relief Society!  Aren't the sisters darling?

A Little Toe Surgery

Elder (Dr.) Elmer, our Area Medical Adviser performed ingrown toenail removal on both feet.  He was brave!  Do you love Roger's pants?  They were a Christmas gift from his Assistants!

At Mission Home watching Sisters Conference

All the Sisters in our mission came to the mission home to watch the Sisters Conference and to enjoy each other and some snacks.

Happy Primary Children

Little Primary girls posing after the Easter Primary Program

Celebrating with the Birthday Boy!

 Clockwise from left - Elder & Sister Miles, E. & S. Berrett, E. & S. Hezseltine, E. & S. Dever, and Roger, the Birthday Boy!  Happy Birthday dear husband.

Waiting the arrival of 6 new missionaries

President Kirkham and his two assistants, and the office couple standing in front and to the left of them waiting for the arrival of our 6 new missionaries.  

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sister Muzambi's new do!

This might seem extreme for a missionary hair-do.  It's called plaiting, and is very common among the African women. If it's not plaited, they wear wigs.  This wouldn't even raise an eyebrow here in Liberia.  She said it took about 30 minutes to do her hair!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Some Views around our Compound

Judy, standing in front of the Cotton Tree trunk.  They are
gorgeous trees, and this picture shows how huge they grow.

Mossy Rocks.  They are beautiful.

One of the 4 deer that freely roam the compound.

An unused generator house

View of the Mission Home from our long driveway.  It's smokey
because of a fire burning in the neighborhood.

This fire forced us inside.  We couldn't breath the smoke.  They are burning "dirt", or trash as we call it.  This one went on for hours!