Sunday, February 26, 2012

Temple Trip for Liberian Saints! The Temple Patron Assistance Fund makes this trip possible.

After, literally months of effort (particularly by Elder Krumm - senior missionary, here) to have everything properly prepared , 68 Liberian saints left for the Ghana, Accra, temple. It takes 3 1/2 days to get to the temple from Monrovia. They will spend 4 days at the temple and then come home. This pictures shows Judy with some of the 27 saints who went from Bushrod Island District to the temple to be sealed as families.
This is one of the two buses that was used. This bus will carry 27 members - no air conditioning. The second bus (just like this one) will have 41 saints. They have to carry their own food and water. They will sleep on the ground or on the bus as they travel. When they get to the temple in Accra, Ghana, they will stay in housing at the temple grounds for four days and then make the 4 day journey back home. This temple trip would not be possible for the saints if it were not for the Temple Patron Assistance Fund. For many, it is a once in a lifetime experience to have the privilege to go to the temple and receive the ordinances of exaltation there. The Temple Patron Assistance Fund helps pay the expenses for members only the first time they go to be sealed.

Literacy & Buying a Small Saw

This is a portion of the Duala street market. I noticed one lady had a stand of tools. I was looking for a small saw. So, we stopped to see what she had. She had a saw I wanted.
We paid her and told her that we needed a receipt. I made out the receipt and asked her to sign it. She laughed and said no. I explained that all I needed was her signature. She said she couldn't. I wasn't understanding what she meant. Then she grabbed the receipt and ran off. A few minutes later, she came back with her name printed on the receipt by someone who knew her. I realized then that she could not write her name.
So, I gave her the pen and had her trace over the letters of her name. Afterwards, she jumped up and clapped her hands and laughed and laughed. I thought maybe this was the first time in her life she had ever written anything.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

HARMATTAN - Sand from Sahara Desert creating a "fog" everywhere

This is what it looked like on one of our futile trips to the airport for the Roggias and Elder Holland when no flights were allowed in due to lack of visibility.
Another view of African "fog" - really sand in the air - on the way to the airport. With the humidity here, in the morning when we go out, our truck has a thin layer of dirt/dust/sand plastered on it.

Missionaries Waiting for Elder Holland to Finish with Priesthood Leaders

The missionaries decided to have get a picture with (L to R) Sister Dixon, Sister Sitati (Pres. Sistati is 1st Counselor in Area Presidency), Sister Holland (in red), Sister Snow. Sister Kirkham is on far right on top row.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

FINALLY, Elder Holland arrives in LIberia!

Pres. Dixon (West Africa Area President), Elder Holland and Sister Holland hurry out of the terminal to rush to train the awaiting priesthood and auxiliary leaders at the Sinkor chapel in Monrovia.
Elder Holland greets Sister Kirkham just before meeting with all the missionaries. Next to Elder Holland are Elder Snow (new Church Historian and Recorder) and Pres. Dixon (West Africa Area President).

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Elder (Dr.) Todd Fife & Sister Fife's visit to Liberia

L to R., Sister Kirkham, Mikel Tellaeche hospital director at Catholic Hospital, Elder & Sister Fife. Elder Fife, Medical Advisor, Africa West Area, came to Liberia to check out the medical facilities in Monrovia - partly in preparation for Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's visit and partly for the benefit of the missionaries serving in Liberia. Elder Fife took an 18 month sebatical from his medical practice as a "family doctor" to serve a mission. Any visits to doctors and all medication of any kind used by any missionary is reported to Elder Fife. Sister Kirkham has exchanged many phone calls and emails with Sister Roggia and Dr. Fife regarding medical stuff and the missionaries. While they were here, Elder Fife gave every missionary a physical exam. He pronounced us very healthy - especially Elder Kirkham...I told him it was due to regular consumption of dark chocolate.

We met with Liberian Vice President Joseph N. Boakai

L to R, Pres. George Pelenah - Bushrod Island district president; Pres. Robert Kpah - Monrovia district president; Elder Kirkham, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai; Dr. Liberty head of Liberia Institute of Statistics & Geo-Information Services, Joe Bryant local member who got this meeting set up, Pres. Prince Nyanforh - 1st Counselor in mission presidency.
We gave Vice President Boakai some basic information about the Church in Liberia, some tracts about the Church, two Tabernacle Choir CDs, and "For the Strength of Youth." Dr. Liberty told Vice President Boakai that our Church did wonderful things for the youth. He said this government was very concerned about today's youth in Liberia and that the government could learn from what the Church does for its youth.