Sunday, November 6, 2011

We Eat Well in Liberia!

This fresh produce market is outside a local grocery store, Greenland, which we go to frequently. It shows the variety of good produce that is available to us.

This was the second time since we've been here that we were able to get good celery. We always wash/soak produce in clorox water for 10-15 minutes.

Sisters & Seniors

Sister Moseray (from Sierra Leone), Sister Edem (from Nigeria), beautiful Sister Kirkham, skinny Elder Kirkham, Sister Notayo (from Nigeria), Sister Jibba (from Sierra Leone).

Sister Kirkham trying the newly repaired water pump at the elders' New Georgia apartment.

The missionaries are Elder Chaparadza from Zimbabwe, Elder Appleby from Australia, Elder Otaniyuwa from Nigeria, and Elder Martin from Nevada.

Another typical day in Monrovia traffic

Can you see how many were on this "bike"? There were five! Gives a whole new concept to a family minivan.