Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mission Presidents & Wives Seminar in Ghana

 This is a beautiful picture taken by Brother Kradolfer, our Area Director of Temporal Affairs, of the Volta River.
 Another picture by Brother Kradolfer on a Volta river tour we went on.

 Picture taken on the Volta River tour.
On the way to take the Volta River tour

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Making Beautiful Glass Beads

 We went to a glass bead "factory" outside of Accra, Ghana, where they make beautiful glass bead bracelets and necklaces.  This pictures show their raw materials which are empty glass bottles which they recycle.
 They grind the bottles into powder and pour them into molds and fire them in a wood-fired oven.  They get the temperature up to 800 degrees.
 You can't see it very well in this picture, but there is liquid glass in the black mold.

And here is the beautiful finished product.  Glass bead bracelets of all different colors.

Tour on the Beautiful Volta River in Ghana

 One afternoon during our mission presidents seminar in Ghana, we went on a boat tour. This shows the type of boat we were in.

The scenery all along the river was very beautiful!

Volta River Picctures

More Volta River Pictures

Yet, More Volta River Pictures

 This is a Talapia fish farm.  We saw several of these along the river.

Gorgeous scenery!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Panorama shot of everyday traffic on Samalia Drive

Elders putting Ping Pong Table Together at Mission Home

Elders Skouson, Burr, Kouao, & Pentreath putting the ping pong table together.

Eric Tukalo getting ready to immigrate to Minnesota!

Sweet little girl visiting mission office

This is the daughter of Brother and Sister Kalala.  Brother Kalala needed my ecclesiastical endorsement for his application to BYU.  He is a medical doctor from the DR Congo.  He and his wife are returned missionaries.  They live in Buchannen (a 4 hour drive from Monrovia).  He wants to get a masters degree in public administration.  They are a wonderful family. We wish they were in Monrovia!

Pretty flower at the mission office.

Pres. Wisseh's home & office in Harbel

 This is Pres. Wisseh's home.  He is branch president in Harbel. These are some neighbors.Some investigators require an interview for their baptism from the mission president.  I took these pictures when I went to Harbel to do some baptism interviews.

This is President Wisseh, branch president of Harbel branch.  Pres. Wisseh was a member of the Church 4 months when he was made branch president.  Until their meetinghouse is "done" (a house is being rennovated), he turned this room into his branch office. I did the baptism interviews in his "office". 

Zoelu cleaning the croc pit

Inside view of "Pela Hut"