Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Perfection in the Making

I grew very tired of the Family Bakery bread we had been buying for over a year for our daily peanut butter sandwiches. So, Sista Kirkham decided one day to make bread the old fashioned way. Using some whole wheat flour we bought, she kneaded the dough by hand.
For bread pans, she used some pans we brought with us from our old apartment.
The results were spectacular - PERFECTION!
And the bread tastes even better than it looks!


  1. Bosch-less bread... the mark of a true master!

  2. Looks like great bread! I agree. I did get tired of the store bread and started making bread about a year ago. I did find a hand electric mixer that had a little more power and dough hooks. It works pretty well. Hope all is well with you. Love the Porters

  3. WOW mom! You make it look so easy!