Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bushrod Island Zone Service Project

The new Brewerville branch meetinghouse was experiencing flooding. A service project was scheduled by the missionaries to dig trenches to prevent flooding at the meetinghouse. The day of the service project also happened to be a day of Liberian rain - or "standing under a waterfall" - as we describe what rain is like here.
The point of greatest flooding was where a large pipe comes under the road at the front corner of the property, dumping all the water from the other side of the road. Elders Liufau, Addo, Yongjaye, Smith, Pentreath, Willis, Mohlahatsa, Obinna, Akwah
Moving a tree stump to try to minimize the flooding at the corner of the property. Elders Mohlahatsa, Obinna, Yongjaye, Pres. Blama-Kai (branch president), Elders Addo, Sekirime
At the back corner of the property, Elders Akwah, Buckman, Esiaba, Pentreath, Addo, Willis, Smith, Molahatsa and Liufau. Notice how deep the water is.

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