Thursday, December 8, 2011

Harbel Baptism

Harbel is a mission branch about an hour's drive from where we live. There are no missionaries assigned there. The senior couples visit them periodically. There were several investigators who had been attending Church for a long time and wanted to be baptised. Pres. Roggia gave permission for branch missionaries to teach the investigators. Finally, last Saturday , eight were baptised. Pictured here are four of the candidates: a mother, her step-daughter, and two other young women in the back of our truck. Each is wearing the new baptismal clothes recently made.
Elder Kirkham conducted the baptism because none of the branch presidency was available to conduct the service.
These are the eight candidates and the two baptisers. The community of Harbel is located on a rubber tree plantation owned by Firestone, the largest rubber tree plantation in the world. Notice in the background, the rows of rubber trees.
The baptisms took place in a small reservoir on the rubber tree plantation, a few minutes drive. It was a beautiful setting.
After their baptism, those baptized rested at this bus stop across the street from where they were baptized in the reservoir. When all were there, we invited those who wanted, to bear their testimonies. Several bore strong testimonies, expressing profound gratitude that they finally were able to be a member of the true Church.

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