Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting New Baptism Clothes Made

At a district conference session, Judy saw Sister Georgia Baryor's outfit and liked it and took this picture. As Judy talked with her, she found out she was the district primary president and that she is a seamstress and made this outfit. The Liberians call this kind of dress a suit. Judy got the idea to have this sister make new baptism clothes for the mission, which were sorely needed. So, Judy and Sister Krumm went to Waterside (a market area in downtown Monrovia - which is an adventure every time you go there), bought a bolt of white polyester cloth and took it to this sister to make baptism clothes.
Sister Krumm and Judy are talking with Sister Baryor about the baptism clothes she made. Sister Baryor did a beautiful job on the clothes!
Here's Sister's Baryor's cutting table on her front porch. Notice the charcoal heated iron. All of the baptismal clothing worn by those at the Harbel baptism (see next pictures) were made by Sister Baryor.

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