Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WELCOME HOME! March 23, 2013

 Here are several of our grandkids waiting for us to arrive.  We were a half hour late arriving.

 As soon as we got down the escalator, the kids ran up to greet us. Notice 4 year old, Kirtland Judy waiting patiently to see Mimi Judy.

 Judy and her 95 year old father, Sherm Gowans.

 This must be what heaven is like when we are reunited with our dear ones.

 Judy and T having a good laugh.

The kids made this big banner and put it on our front porch.  So, we took it down and hung it in our kitchen!

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  1. So excited you are going back. Eli really loved you guys! Anyway I can get a pair of glasses to you to take to Elder Eli Dahlin? We've sent two boxes but he hasn't gotten anything! I guess saline solution is very expensive. Thanks for everything.