Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Saturdays are baptism days. This was a happy day for the many baptisms that were performed at the Duala Chapel.

This is a wonderful sight -- baptism clothes hanging on the fence of the Bushrod Island District Center fence to dry after several 10 baptisms that day.
This is a happy day for Elder Taylor. It was his first time baptizing. He and his companion had 7 investigators baptized that day.
Here's Elder Taylor with his senior companion, Elder Raymond, using a common transport here in Liberia -- "bikes", which is what they call riding on motorcycles used as taxi's. Virtually all "bikes" in Liberia are taxi's. We were just driving by and saw them and Sister Kirkham took this picture as we went by. Notice the rubber boots Elder Taylor is wearing. Notice the mud on the boots. It's the rainy season. Elder Taylor is at least a foot taller than Elder Raymond.

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