Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Handling Money in Liberia

Liberia has two national currencies: Liberian dollars and US dollars. 72 LD (Liberian dollars) equals $1 US. The 180 Liberian dollars shown here equals $2.50. Most businesses use US dollars because it's so much easier. The street markets all us LD$ (Liberian dollars).
Bills are used here until they are worn out and extremely dirty, as the $10 bill shown here. However, businesses will not take any US $ that has any kind of tear in it. No tear, no problem -- no matter how dirty or worn the money is.
This shows the difference between a well-used LD$5 versus a relatively new one. LD$5 =7 cents in US dollars. There are no coins in Liberian money and US coins are not accepted, only paper dollars.

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