Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bushrod Island Zone Service Project to Clean Up Around the Sisters' New Apartment

Twelve elders, four sisters and the two senior missionaries (us) met at the sisters' apartment for a two hour service project to clean up all the garbage in the sisters' neighborhood.
Excellent, clear instructions were provided on what to do....
Everyone went to work. As we worked around their neighborhood, several of the neighbors thanked us for what we were doing.
The elders started in the "backyard" by the sisters 1000 gallon water tank - which is empty because the city water "is not flowing". So, Sister Kirkham and I have been delivering water to the sisters in 6 gallon containers.

Service Project Done - 14 bags of garbage collected

Here are all the hard workers: Elders Chaparadza, Donkor, Iyiewuare, Appelby, Sis Kirkham, Elder Donkor, Sis Jibba, Elder Smith, Sis Garbleah, Elder Kirkham, Sis Moseary, Sis Lamwaka, Elders Esiaba, Otaniyuwa, Ekpo, Liufau, Moyo, Lambson
After all the work, Elder and Sister Kirkham provided two peanut and Jelly sandwiches for everyone.

SURPRISE! The sisters prepared a gormet meal for the elders of chicken and rice following the service project.

After everyone finished their two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the sisters brought out an incredible meal for the elders. Unbeknownst to any of us, the sisters had been preparing a gormet feast of chicken and rice for the elders while at the same time picking up all the garbage surrounding their apartment.
Elders Chaparadza, Esiaba, Moyo and Lambson thought they'd died and gone to heaven!
One plate filled with food, two spoons, shared by companions. They LOVED it.
Following the meal, Elder Chaparadza and Elder Moyo did a traditional, Zimbawian demonstration of profound gratitude for the sisters.

"Farmer Tan" contest following the Service Project

Elders Liufau, Smith, Lambson, and Appelby had a "Farmer's Tan" contest with Sister Kirkham to see who had the best tan on their arms. However, Elder Liufau's "Lamanite tan" (actually it's a Samoan tan) was disqualified, because his tan is permanent. Sister Kirkham said she was the clear winner.

Getting a Shoeshine at the Airport

When flights get delayed (like yesterday - 9 hour delay), I get a shoeshine at the airport. It costs between 20 to 30 LD (Liberian dollars - 70 LD/$1).
They do a very good job. He told me "Shoeshine boys in America make a lot of money." I thought about that. Maybe compared with what he is paid, they do make a lot of money.

170th Bday Celebration of Relief Society in Bushrod Island District, Liberia

The sisters in the Bushrod Island District had two days of celebrating the 170th birthday of Relief Society. On the first day, they had an Activity Day where they played kickball.
The second day, the sisters gathered at the district center, watched a video prepared by Sister Julie Beck, General President of the Relief Society and heard talks by differents sisters. Afterwards they had a lunch. Here two of the sisters are carrying in the soft drinks for the lunch.
After all the talks, they had dancing, where the sisters danced. The local sisters LOVED that Sister Kirkham danced with them.
Elder Kirkham thoroughly enjoyed watching the sisters dancing!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hard Work & Miracles in Doe Community Branch

This picture shows the front of the building before it was leased and remodeled as the branch meeting house for the Doe Community branch. The two sets of metal doors led into space planned for two shops.
The sketch at the left shows the floor plan of the existing building before any remodeling. The sketch on the right shows what was originally proposed before the branch experienced explosive growth.
The left sketch shows the first proposal that was made to extend the back of the building 8 feet. In November, we realized that the branch had already outgrown that size of chapel due to 36 baptisms in three months, including many families. The sketch on the fright shows a new proposal to extend the back of the building 30 feet - which, eventually, was approved.
Picture on the left is what the inside of the building looked like when the project began. Picture on the right shows the transformation.
Picture on the left show the back of the building & the small bldg on the right. The picture on the right shows the back of the building where the diesel generator is kept, Brother Stephen Miaman, owner of the property and 2nd counselor in the branch presidency. The building in the background is the small bldg which contains the clerks and branch president's office attached at the back of the chapel. The black tank is a water tank for water for the restrooms in the building.
Picture at the right shows the chapel with Sister Kirkham.
Elder Kirkham, Moses Slamie - branch president, and Stephen Miamen - 2nd counselor in branch presidency and owner of property - in the Doe Community chapel.